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Announcements: CCK Development for XOOPS Cube

gigamaster submitted 2009/11/7 21:15, published 2009/11/7 21:15 | 35620 views
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Hi all,

Quite a while since our last post, and that's with good reason. Past few weeks, we prepared what you could call the 'launch of the XCCK development'. Or in other words: we took the time to prepare the development of the Xoops Cube CCK, to sit back think about it, write down the wanted features and prepare for development. And today we can finally present you with what we're actually trying to build, as did we set up a project on sourceforge, organised a tracker, wiki, forum, homepage

For now we have about 4 developers in the team (Nuno Luciano, prof. Hidetoshi, Eikasai and Dirk Derom), but as you might expect, we're eager to get more developers on the project, so this post is not only to inform but also to attract anyone who wants to contribute in whatever way he/she wants to, be it design, coding, documenting

Btw, you can read this post in two ways: short version is to skip all that follows in this post and go straight to the feature list and project overview to get an idea on how we're currently organised (=project overview) and what we're trying to develop (feature list). Or you can read through this post (the following content can also be found on our homepage) and then go to the feature list and project overview.

For those who like some more info:


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