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DBCSS : Manage Meta tags, stylesheet and scripts

gigamaster submitted 2008/4/18 2:21, published 2008/4/18 2:21 | 29791 views
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This module enables you to edit your theme from XOOPS Cube administration. As you guess is one more nice module that completes perfectly webmasters and webdesigners set of tools... and my favorite module Pico ^^

This ends a cycle of modules review - we have enough tools, for all purposes too and it's time to focus on content.

I'm sure everybody will have fun from now on. Because if what we do is related to content management system, meaning, at the end it's all about content, concrete content published for different devices screens - pages with textes and photos, audio and video.

As you know, Pico allow you to include specify the module html header, categoriy and sub-category header, but the most interesting each document html header.

But not all modules are so friendly with site owners ^^ That's where DBCSS is so useful. The module will allow you override module header to be able to compile meta tags, javascript and stylesheet through anintuitive User Interface

SDCSS is a module based on Duplicatable V3

The module comes with the following functions:

- The stylesheet can be compiled within module header operating alike the alternative system module "altsys" by GIJOE - Block management, the stylesheet can be applied to an optional page - Easily import the CSS file as a DB template - Easily export the stylesheet compiled within this module - Apply compiled META tags to each module - As a D3 module,you can easily rename directory and have nultipleinstallations

Furthermore, this module requires Altsys to be installed and XOOPS_TRUST_PATH defined on your mainfile.php

Module source code ref to d3blog, altsys and hodaka by GIJOE

Download dbCSS 1.2.0

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Re: DBCSS : Manage Meta tags, stylesheet and scripts 
einstein posted 2008/4/18 2:47

Very usefull... Many thanks for you indications, Nuno! =)

Re: DBCSS : Manage Meta tags, stylesheet and scripts 
techdb posted 2008/5/2 23:44

Has anyone managed to get DBCSS working correctly with

I already have a bunch of GI Joe's stuff running (i.e. xoops/trust/path/ protector, altsys, etc) It installs and seems to run (no errors on debug) just fine but when I check my source on pages I get:

Looks like it is there but when I check the source meta name="description" the same metadata generated from Xoops core.

Is there something different in Xoopscube theme or template that needs to be changed for Xoops?

BTW: There is also nothing in the installation instructions about creating a /common/ directory in the site root. I did that manually but still no luck.

Read Me file is not in english

(a fan but still not ready to switch entire platform to xoopscube)

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