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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2006/12/22 13:47
Home away from home
Joined: 2005/10/6
From: Japan
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Please read before posting
This is forum for tools & applications except web applications like modules. PHP and web applications have some limits. For example, PHP applications never runs before you upload them to your server. And if you don't have configured PHP environment, PHP applications mean just text files. CUI confuses end-users.

We can solve it using other applications. XOOPS Cube welcomes many programers who can't use PHP, because they make the impossible come true.

This post shows our conventions. This is sticky post and revised by moderators. Don't submit your response to this thread.

Main Subject
- Desktop applications and Web applications which support our XOOPS Cube life.
- With any program languages --- C, C++, C#, VB, Java, Lua, Ruby and more.
- On any platforms --- Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD ... PS3, Xbox and more.

- In the case where you talk about PHP framework; If the framework is just PHP, submit your post to other forums. If the framework has relation with tools & applications, submit it to this forum.
- If you want to talk about proprietary software which supports us, write the topic in this forum. For example, they are VisualStudio, Photoshop and more. Of course, this forum welcomes topics of free software like wink.

Forum Rules
- Moderators may make some topics for conventions, FAQ and more. You must read them.
- Use this forum with friendship. Fights are locked by moderators.
- Unsuitable topics are moved to other forum.
- Give permissions quoting your posts to wiki pages of this site.
- Good or Hot thread may be changed to a sticky post.
- When you report your review, follow developer's request. For example, if a developer hope to receive reviews in his site, you should submit it to the site.
- Add your OS environment and language environment to your first report.

Because topics we talk in this forum are not main themes for Cube, we should not keep many wiki pages on the root page.
- About tools for Legacy, make pages under this page.
- About tools for Cube, make pages under this page.

Enjoy this forum. Thanks.

Homepage (poor English )

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