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Backup source of XOOPSCubeLegacy​/Tools (No. 1) :: Web Application Platform

Backup source of wiki:XOOPSCubeLegacy/Tools(No. 1)

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&font(b){XOOPS Cube Tools};

The XOOPS Cube Tools are designed and compiled to simplifie webmasters every day tasks. We'll try to define to the next release, the final tools names and make it even easier through a very intuitive and ergonomic interface.

1) Define a new name/prefixe, ref. [[XOOPS Cube genealogy:]] and global design

2) Description (draft) Click and Go, [[Portable Apps:]]

&font(b){cubson}; - It's module development solution with an UI provided by Minahito

&font(b){xoopscvs}; - get the last development from CVS (add server option and branch)

&font(b){xoopserver}; - portable server php/mysql

&font(b){xoopslogo}; - create a module logo

&font(b){xoopspack}; - create a zip archive, screenshot & package file

The next two tools can be compiled into xoopserver as extensions (plugins):

&font(b){xoopscode}; - renamer (B2B, B2C solution)~
&font(b){xoopsclean}; - clean source code

&font(b){xoopsinstall}; - (service) small file/tool to make your Xoops Cube installation from trusted sites, alike apt-get (linux debian) or any other O.S. update service.

Please, post here your comments, critics and suggestions!

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