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 +#freeze uid:16 aid:0 gid:2
 +// author:16
 +// author_ucd:dylH/Q.OKnIc gigamaster
 +* WizMobile [#n7d065d8]
 +|Status|Compatibility OK|
 +|Module name|Wizmobile|
 +|Download URL|[[Gusagi:http://www.gusagi.com/modules/download/wizmobile.html]]|
 +|Make your XOOPS Cube Legacy site also available on a cell phone.~->
 +XOOPS Cube Legacy is  built on the site~->
 +convert the output encoding to each carrier in Japan~->
 +Including block, PC can also operate with the same content on your mobile (Java Script is not eligible)~->
 +Simple login~->
 +Set hide block~->
 +Show only cell block set (0.40 or later)~->
 +Paginated (PHP5 only over 0.25 setting enable, disabled)~->
 +Resize (only if GD library is available)~->
 +Google, Yahoo search engine for mobile support~->
 +Set the content type to send (since 0.25)~->
 +css file can be read (0.27 or later docomo device but not supported)~->
 +Control module (0.30 or later)~->
 +Portable template set configuration (0.30 or later)~->
 +png images converted to gif images (0.30 and later)~->
 +Support emoticons (PC 0.40 if the emoticon image appears above)~->
 +Smiley input support (0.41 or later)~->
 +Theme control~->
 +Google Adsense Mobile support (0.40 or later)~->
 +External site links between pages ->
 +**Reports [#u1bb1a7c]
 +***Report (1) [#fe12d715]
 +|Cube version|XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1|
 +|Web server|Apache 2|

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