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 +#freeze uid:16 aid:0 gid:2
 +// author:16
 +// author_ucd:dt4fdngei3p6 gigamaster
 +* Xootube [#ua9fa905]
 +|Status|Compatibility OK|
 +|Module name|Xootube|
 +|Download URL|[[Voicha.com:http://voicha.com/voice/modules/xsns/?p=topic&tid=15]]|
 +|This module built on YouTube API can manage and display videos according to the following categories: Rated, Top Favorites, Most Viewed, Most Recent, Most Discussed, Most Commented, Recommendations, etc. This in addition to feed, option to get video on a mobile and video search, related videos, video playback and view the Channel.->
 +This version seems to be almost stable, and is released to the general public. ~->
 +[[Demo Site of XooTube βversion :http://voicha.com/voice/modules/xootube/]]->
 +**Reports [#k3a9164c]
 +***Report (1) [#raa716cc]
 +|Cube version|XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1|
 +|Web server|Apache 2|

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