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// author_ucd:dMfjvJW1wVJE Tom_G3X // author_ucd:dMfjvJW1wVJE Tom_G3X
* User Page [#d5bf7bba] * User Page [#d5bf7bba]
**Reports [#l1553f3c] **Reports [#l1553f3c]
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|Module name|UserPage| |Module name|UserPage|
-|Download URL|http://www.herve-thouzard.com/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=6&lid=145| +|Download URL|http://xoops.instant-zero.com/modules/pages/index.php?pagenum=8
-|OS|Windows NT X64+|Web server|Apache2.2.2| 
-|Web server|Apache/2.2.2| +|MySQL|5.0.37
-User can edit page on front side.~ +With UserPage, your registred users can create their own page (for example their biography)
-But some options will not work on control panel.+ 
 +Once they have created their page, it can be viewed by other users (and it can be commented too) 
 +Complete features list: 
 +- Users can create their own page 
 +- Users can see someone else page and a list of all the pages 
 +- You can activate RSS feeds to list the recent pages 
 +- For each user's page, you have a printable and a PDF version. 
 +- The module gives you 3 blocks : Last pages, Top viewed pages, Random pages 
 +- The 3 blocks provide you an "on the fly" method so that you can use the blocks as many times as you want 
 +- Users pages can be commented 
 +- In the module's options, you can select if you want to activate Html, RSS feeds (and the text's length), 
 +you can also select the date's format and you can select to use kiovi. 
 +The module is perfectly adpated if you want to have a social functionality (also call Web 2) on your website.

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