1: 2007-06-23 (Sat) 11:36:28 source Cur: 2007-11-19 (Mon) 07:29:18 minahito source
Line 1: Line 1:
-#freeze uid:4 aid:0 gid:2 
-// author:4 
-// author_ucd:dt86QZUC9khA minahito 
*PDDownloads [#g4b73093] *PDDownloads [#g4b73093]
#ref(PHP44OK.png,right) #ref(PHP44OK.png,right)
-|Status|System Required| 
|Category|Downloads| |Category|Downloads|
|Module name|PDDownloads| |Module name|PDDownloads|
Line 14: Line 10:
**Reports [#g8870232] **Reports [#g8870232]
***Report (1) [#i5503b98] ***Report (1) [#i5503b98]
-|Cube version|Legacy 2.1 beta 2|+|Cube version|xoops cube Legacy 2.1.0|
|OS|---| |OS|---|
|Web server|1.3.34| |Web server|1.3.34|
|MySQL|4.0.15| |MySQL|4.0.15|
|PHP|4.4.0| |PHP|4.4.0|
-|Reporter|Shine ([[from here>http://xoopscube.org/modules/xhnewbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=273&post_id=1663#forumpost1663]])|+|Reporter|plusangel|
-Works only with the System module installed.+**Remark [#i5820df1] 
 +Works nice except that in the admin section that some blocks placement is not aligned properly. 
 +**Patch [#v1544be5] 
 +[[Here:http://www.xoopscube.gr/PDdownloads-singlefile.cid-1-lid-57.htm]] you can find the patch that corrects the above problems.

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