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-#freeze uid:16 aid:0 gid:2 
-// author:16 
-// author_ucd:dbeFOl7wixAE gigamaster 
[[XOOPSCubeLegacy/ModuleCompatibility/Pico]] [[XOOPSCubeLegacy/ModuleCompatibility/Pico]]
*Pico [#z73bbe74] *Pico [#z73bbe74]
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|Category|Content| |Category|Content|
|Module name|Pico| |Module name|Pico|
|Download URL|http://xoops.peak.ne.jp/| |Download URL|http://xoops.peak.ne.jp/|
-|Iico is a module to manage all sort of content, wrap html, even manage forms.~-> + 
-KFM is an ajax file manager/file browser which may be used stand-alone, ~-> +#block(round){{ 
-or as a plugin for a rich-text editor, such as the FCKeditor project.~-> +Pico is a powerful module to manage all sort of content, wrap html, tags, even create and manage html forms. Include content from other instances (module easily duplicable) and manage comments with D3Forum. It's also possible to extend with module "Tell a Friend"
-http://kfm.verens.com/|+You can get from the same developer site the rich text editor FCKEditor ~ 
 +And extend it with KFM, an ajax file manager/browser which can be used ~ 
 +as a plugin of FCKEditor.~ 
**Reports [#vec68bbb] **Reports [#vec68bbb]
***Report (1) [#vbc980a9] ***Report (1) [#vbc980a9]
-|Cube version|XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.2+|Cube version|XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1| 
-|OS|x64+|OS|Linux, Windows
-|Web server|Apache 2.2.2| +|Web server|Apache 2| 
|Reporter|Gigamaster| |Reporter|Gigamaster|

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