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  • FrontPage (4058d) [ - no title - ]
    XOOPSCube Wiki Welcome to our Wiki. At first, read please our SitePolicy. Then, check SiteFeature and FormatExample to learn more about PukiWiki. XOOPS Cube Getting Started FAQ Community Projects Programming Guide More... XOOPS Cube Le...
  • InterWikiSandBox (4949d) [ WikiWikiWeb:FrontPage ]
    WikiWikiWeb:FrontPage Tiki:WelcomeVisitors YukiWiki:FrontPage RWiki:top PukiWiki:FrontPage Google:pukiwiki Yahoo:PHP
  • PukiWiki/1.4/Manual/Plugin/L-N (3316d) [ L ]
    .... The top page of the site (It is FrontPage usually) becomes a starting point w.... For instance, when the page named FrontPage, MenuBar, hoge, fuga, hoge/MenuBar,..., MenuBar is displayed as a menu in FrontPage, fuga, and MenuBar, and hoge/MenuBar ...
  • PukiWiki/1.4/Manual/Plugin/O-R (3316d) [ O ]
    ...- the regular expression that definees the pages which should be excluded from the list. The typical examples are FrontPage, MenuBar, etc. true, false - whether to use the number of today's visitors only. The default is false. true - use the number ...
  • PukiWiki/1.4/Manual/Plugin/S-U (3316d) [ S ]
    ...mple, If #topicpath is written on the page named PukiWiki/Tour, the plugin displays the following links. [[Top>FrontPage]]/[[PukiWiki>PukiWiki]]/[[Tour>PukiWiki/Tour]] The intended uses of this plugin are as follows. Help page transition be...
  • SandBox (2057d) [ SandBox: A page for your practice of editing ]
    ...eting described 2*2 Term 3 Someting described 3*3 Heading2 Heading 2-1 Heading2-2 FrontPage Paragraph 1 paragraph 1 paragraph 1 paragraph 1 paragraph 1 paragraph 1 paragraph 1 Italic paragraph 1 paragraph 1 paragraph ...
  • ishii (4194d) [ ishii ]
    ishii Original Author of PukiWikiMod (PukiWiki module for XOOPS) Site : (Japanese only)
  • nao-pon (4194d) [ nao-pon ]
    nao-pon PukiWikiMod current maintainer Site :
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