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* Module Compatibility Informations [#p3907caa]
Let's collect information about modules compatibility. XOOPS Cube Legacy can run modules of XOOPS2 JP and XOOPS 2.0.10. If you find modules which don't run on Legacy 2.1, please, report your information to the download URL - developer's site.

** Summary [#u697c881]
We try to complete "The module compatibility list". For that, there are icons. While Alpha, we submit compatibility informations to this page directly. But, for a completed list, we should try to put 1 module to 1 page with the icon indicating the testing result.


These icons have a message in some languages. Chinese Character is good for Chinese, Korean and Japanese. If you hope to add your mother language to these icon, please mail the message by UTF mail to "minaihito at mac.com". He will try to copy & paste your message into these icons.

And, there are icons for PHP.


***For Reporters [#pd3213e2]
The standard PHP debug mode is adjusted for end-users. But, that's not enough for development reports. Here is a preload file for testers. This file will make possible to report detailed errors. Download, unzip and put this file into your preload directory.

** Report List [#o5d77335]
Here is the list of pages starting with '[[XOOPSCubeLegacy/ModuleCompatibility]]'.


* Current List [#sb2171c5]
Let's port the following informations to each pages.

** Compatibility success [#kb756085]
*** Example (Module name) [#e07abd36]
|Module name|example|
|Download URL|http://example.com/|

** Compatibility failure [#h2293257]
*** Example (Module name) [#v17b8247]
|Module name|example|
|Download URL|http://example.com/|
|OS|Free BSD 55|
|Web server|Apache 2.0.55|

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