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 // author:226
 // author_ucd:dzJ.jBklQwCs	einstein
 * Xoopstube module [#b642090f]
 |Module name|Xoopstube|
 |Download URL|hhttp://members.lycos.nl/mcdonaldsstore/|
 |Download URL|http://members.lycos.nl/mcdonaldsstore/|
 **Reports [#vb631271]
 ***Report (1) [#o57b4fdb]
 |Cube version|2.1.3 Legacy|
 |OS|Windows XP SP2|
 |Web server|Apache/2.2.2|
 When try to access the module:
 Fatal error: Call to a member function preConvertXCode() on a non-object in C:\www\htdocs\ataverna\class\module.textsanitizer.php on line 376
 Reported by Einstein.
 ***Report (2) [#yf0c8885]
 |Cube version|2.1.4 Legacy|
 |OS|Windows XP SP2|
 |Web server|Apache 2|
 Same issue with preConvertXCode !!!
 Reported by Gigamaster
 08.03.2008   1.03.1~->
 - Fixed XSS vulnerability->
 - Fixed bug in sub-cat listing->
 - Fixed bug in page nav of Recent Videos->
 26.02.2008   1.03~->
 - Fixed bug in sql-file->
 - Fixed bug in WYSIWYG editors (FCKEditor)->
 - Fixed option to move videos from category to category->
 - Replaced Set Publish Date/Time in admin side->
 - Added option to Preferences to set date format for admin section->
 - Added French language files [Mr-reda04]->
 - Updated German langfiles [wuddel]->
 - Updated Spanish langfiles [debianus]->
 - Updated English & Dutch langfiles|

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