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 * Xoonips [#w3b9a08d]
 |Status|Compatibility OK|
 |Category|Data, System|
 |Module name|Xoonips|
 |Download URL|[[Xoonips:http://xoonips.sourceforge.jp/]]|
 |XooNIps is easy-to-use software that can facilitate to build a database website to organize enormous volume of information in various types of electronic formats, such as text files, URLs and research papers along with the metadata, and to share them users worldwide on the internet.->
 As of April 2007, the Neuroinformatics Japan Center (NIJC), RIKEN BSI, has taken over the responsibility for XooNIps operations including the maintenance of extended functions (add-ons).->
 [[Wiki : What is Xoonips:http://xoonips.sourceforge.jp/manuals/usersman-en/overview.html#overview.whatisxoonips]]~->
 [[Demo Site:http://xoonips.neuroinf.jp/]]->
 **Reports [#j8b1af99]
 ***Report (1) [#ya21db39]
 |Cube version|XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1|
 |Web server|Apache 2|

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