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Line 1: Line 1:
-#freeze uid:925 aid:0 gid:2,, 
-// author:925 
-// author_ucd:dXnEzoHYf/UM avtx30 
*multiMenu [#ff949247] *multiMenu [#ff949247]
|Status|System Required| |Status|System Required|
|Category|utility| |Category|utility|
|Module name|multiMenu| |Module name|multiMenu|
|Download URL|http://malaika-system.com/| |Download URL|http://malaika-system.com/|
-|Allow to create up to 8 different Custom Menus|+#block(round){{ 
 +This module can be used to create different Custom Menus.~ 
 +Support XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 and PHP5 
**Reports [#d50603bb] **Reports [#d50603bb]

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