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Line 1: Line 1:
-#freeze uid:4 aid:0 gid:2 +*Mydownloads fileup[#ff949247]
-// author:4 +
-// author_ucd:dt86QZUC9khA minahito +
-*mydownloads +[#ff949247]+
#ref(OK.png,center) #ref(OK.png,center)
|Status|Compatibility OK| |Status|Compatibility OK|
|Category|Downloads| |Category|Downloads|
-|Module name|mydownloadsplus+|Module name|mydownloads
-|Download URL|http://cube.cms-bg.org/modules/wmpdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=3&lid=1 |+|Download URL|[[Bluemoon inc:http://www.bluemooninc.biz/~xoops2/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=3&lid=16]] | 
 +This release is based on module Mydownloads with extra features and improved templates.~ 
 +You can upload automatically and it is not necessary to input into URL and file size information any longer. 
**Reports [#d50603bb] **Reports [#d50603bb]
***Report (1) [#hdc5f473] ***Report (1) [#hdc5f473]
-|Cube version|---+|Cube version|2.1
-|Web server|---+|Web server|Apache 2

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