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Line 1: Line 1:
-#freeze uid:16 aid:0 gid:2 
-// author:16 
-// author_ucd:dt4fdngei3p6 gigamaster 
[[XOOPSCubeLegacy/ModuleCompatibility]] [[XOOPSCubeLegacy/ModuleCompatibility]]
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|Category|Quiz| |Category|Quiz|
|Module name|D3Quiz| |Module name|D3Quiz|
-|Download URL|http://xoops.oceanblue-site.com/|+|Download URL|[[Oceanblue-site.com:http://xoops.oceanblue-site.com/modules/downloads(]]|
-|This is a D3 Quiz module release based in Xquiz module.~-> +#block(round){{ 
-An Ajx option to display Quiz is also available.-> +This D3 Quiz module release is based in Xquiz module.~ 
--> +An Ajax option to display the Quiz is also available. 
-Requirements:~-> + 
-X2JP operating environment and basically ~-> + 
-only supports XCL 2.1+~-> +Requirements:~ 
-Altsys module/lib installed|+X2JP operating environment and basically ~ 
 +only supports XCL 2.1+~ 
 +Altsys module/lib installed 
**Reports [#u8d46a67] **Reports [#u8d46a67]

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