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Source of XOOPSCubeLegacy​/ModuleCompatibility​/Webphoto :: Web Application Platform

Source of wiki:XOOPSCubeLegacy/ModuleCompatibility/Webphoto

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* Webphoto [#qc4a02f5]

|Status|Compatibility OK|
|Category|Photo management|
|Module name|webphoto|
|Download URL|[[]]|

This is a powerful module to manage photos and videos.

*** Features [#p2dff091]

1. Import from myalbum~
all feature based on myalbum v2.88

2. Extension of the index information~
(1) Photo Date~
(2) Photo Place~
(3) Photo Equipment~
(4) Tag Cloud~
(5) The ambiguous search using the synonym dictionary

(6) suport GoogleMaps~

(7) support Exif~

3. Feature to manage photos and videos uniformly~
(1) Simplification of MIME type management~
(2) Addition of thumbnail image registration

4. Rich Interface~
(1) Popup photo using popbox.js~
(2) Switch of show or hide using prototype.js~
(3) Static URL using pathinfo

(4) support Piclens~

(5) support Google desktop gadget~

5. RSS~
(1) Support MediaRSS~
(2) Support GeoRSS

6. Implement~
(1) D3 Style~
(2) Preload 

7. Others~
(1) Adopt the file name whitch is not easy to analogize

8. Database structure

**Reports [#ofe02099]
***Report (1) [#f165d655]
|Cube version|XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.+|
|Web server|Apache 2|

***Report (2) [#g34b4adb]
|Cube version|XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.2|
|Web server|Apache 2|

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