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Source of wiki:XOOPSCubeLegacy/HowToUpgrade

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** How to upgrade [#xfffd86c]
''Try it first at home!'' Means that it's preferable to try the upgrade in a copy of your site, in your pc and then move to the real world!

*** Document [#lfffb769]
If you have joined to test 2.1, you can continue testing by updating your 2.1. If you want to upgrade from 2.0.x, read its explanation. Remember that you should back up your site before you start updating.

- [[From (draft)>XOOPSCubeLegacy/HowToUpgrade/FromX2]]
- [[From 2.0.x JP>XOOPSCubeLegacy/HowToUpgrade/FromX2JP]]
- [[From Alpha>XOOPSCubeLegacy/HowToUpgrade/FromAlpha]]
- [[From Beta>XOOPSCubeLegacy/HowToUpgrade/FromBeta]]
- [[From Beta 3-d or later>XOOPSCubeLegacy/HowToUpgrade/FromBeta3d]]
- [[From Beta SnapShot>XOOPSCubeLegacy/HowToUpgrade/FromBetaSnapshot]]
- [[From Beta 4 or later (RC and etc)>XOOPSCubeLegacy/HowToUpgrade/FromBeta4]]

These documents aren't perfect yet. We need to brush it up for end-users.

- Please modify these documents directly if you feel such needs.
- If you want to discuss these documents, use the forum please.

** How to upgrade to XCL from XOOPS 2.0.x / Icms [#z1c20236]

The following link is a very clear step-by-step  tutorial and case study by Avtx30!

[[Tutorial by Avtx30:]]

Note :

This tutorial will be added to the XOOPS and wikis~
with author agreement!

*** About mainfile.php [#r1c8be16]
In the case of &font(b){upgrading from some other versions};, you must patch your mainfile.php according to the methods written in wiki documents. But, ''if you use XOOPS Protector'', you have to adjust your mainfile.php as follow:

 if (!defined('_LEGACY_PREVENT_LOAD_CORE_') && XOOPS_ROOT_PATH != '') {
   include(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH . '/modules/protector/include/');
   @include_once XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/include/cubecore_init.php";
   if (!isset($xoopsOption['nocommon']) && !defined('_LEGACY_PREVENT_EXEC_COMMON_')) {
     include XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/include/common.php";

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