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Diff of XOOPSCubeLegacy​/ModuleCompatibility​/SmartFaq :: Web Application Platform

Diff of wiki:XOOPSCubeLegacy/ModuleCompatibility/SmartFaq

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-#freeze uid:4 aid:0 gid:2 
-// author:4 
-// author_ucd:dt86QZUC9khA minahito 
*Smart Faq[#ff949247] *Smart Faq[#ff949247]
#ref(OK.png,center) #ref(OK.png,center)
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The module seems that is working nice. The module seems that is working nice.
 +***Report (2) [#r37576d3]
 +|Module name|smartfaq|
 +|Download URL||
 +|Download URL||
 +|Cube version|2.1 Legacy Beta 3e|
 +|OS|Ubuntu 6.10|
 +|Web server|Apache 2.0.55|
 +Installation without error.~
 +Create a category without error.~
 +But when you try to create a Q&A after you click the submit button - you get the following fatal error:
 +Fatal error: Call to a member function name() on a non-object in /var/www/beta3e/modules/smartfaq/include/displayfaqs.php on line 52
 +The module is unusable.
 +Reported by plusangel
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