This example demonstrates how to display profiles of users on templates.

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In Legacy 2.1, you can assign XoopsUser objects to template variables. The following example explains using objects with XOOPS2 style.

 global $xoopsTpl;

<p>Poster's name: <{$poster->getShow('uname')}>

The getShow() method returns sunitized string for html displaying. If you don't know security programming detaily, you should use this method basically.

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With the xoops_user modifier anchor.png

In the case which Legacy RenderSystem renders your templates, you can use unity modifier to display profiles by uid only.

The following example display uname of the user whose uid is 1.


In other words, even if you assign XoopsUser object to template variables, you can display profiles from uid.

 class Message {
   var $title;
   var $message;
   var $poster_uid;


This modifier equals the following code:

 $handler =& xoops_gethandler('user');
 $user =& $handler->get($message->poster_uid);

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