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Module namexpwiki
Newest Version5.01.17
Home URLxoops.hypweb.net/xpwiki

This wiki module is released with two packages
One to place all files under your public html folder
And a second one to use XOOPS_TRUST_PATH
Last release includes FCKEditor (secure wiki code)
Google Maps 2
CGI installer by Gijoe

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Cube versionXOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1
Web serverApache 2
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  1. Unpack xpWiki*.zip
  2. Upload to server.
  3. Upload all of under html directory files to XOOPS_ROOT_PATH directory.
  4. You can change directory name from "xpwiki" to something else (html folder)
  5. Upload all files under trust directory to XOOPS_TRUST_PATH directory.
  6. Change permission XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/modules/xpwiki/admin/setup.cgi to executable.(0705, 0755 etc)
  7. Access to XOOPS_URL/modules/xpwiki/admin/setup.cgi by your browser.
    • if all message are "OK", the setup of permissions is completed.

If you see 'NG' or inaccessible. Please set permission as following:.

    • Permission of XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/modules/xpwiki (example)
attach                 707
attach/s               707
private/backup         707
private/cache          707
private/cache/page     707
private/cache/plugin   707
private/counter        707
private/diff           707
private/trackback      707
private/wiki           707
  1. Module install on XOOPS's admin menu.
  2. Last procedure, xpWiki admin menu > AdminTools > Synchronize Database > Go!

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fileOK.png 3865DL [Info]

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