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StatusCompatibility OK
Module nameNews
Download URLDownload form here
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Cube versionLegacy 2.1 beta 3-c
OSWindows XP with xampp
Web serverApache/2.2.2 (Win32)
MySQLMysql 4.1.12
PHPPHP 5.1.2

Users can work this module on Legacy 2.1 without fatal problems. Here is a patche for better use.

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This module some TYPOs in xoops_version.php. Modify 'texbox' to 'textbox'. And 'datetime' is unsupported config type in Legacy.

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By Legacy's debug modue, an administrator looks some notices or warnings in news-edit-form. That's not a problem, but XOOPS 2 JP team should fix it.

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When you have not finished setting yet, some display is broken. This broken display is the problem of this program's structure, so Legacy can't solve it. But, that's not fatal problem. And, you don't encounter troubles about regular use of this module.

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Module namenews
Download URLhttp://dev.xoops.org/modules/xfmod/project/?news
Web server?

News modules have many branches. Some news modules can run on Cube Legacy 2.1. But, other news modules can't run on Cube Legacy 2.1. We need more informations.
Version 1.44 doesn't run on Xoops Cube 2.1 beta 1

See the following threads:

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filePHP51OK.png 1544DL [Info] fileOK.png 2232DL [Info]

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