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Module nametimeline
Download URLhttp://linux2.ohwada.net/modules/wfdownloads/singlefile.php?cid=1&lid=54

This module is the timeline using MIT Timeline

Main features * [#ndfc935c] anchor.png

1. Sample
(1) Sample1 : simple exsample using XML format data
(2) Sample2 : simple exsample using Event object
(3) Sample3 : CompactEventPainter using JSON format date
(3) Sample4 : CompactEventPainter using Event object

2. API features
This modules provide the interface for the other module to show the timeline.

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Install * [#haddf4a6] anchor.png

1. common ( xoops 2.0.16a JP and XOOPS Cube 2.1.x )
When you unzip the zip file, there are two directories html and xoops_trust_path.
Please copy in the directory which XOOPS correspond

When you install, the xoops output warning like the following.
Please ignore, because xoops and webphoto work well.

Warning [Xoops]: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "db:_inc_simple_xml_js.html" in file class/smarty/Smarty.class.php line 1095

2. xoops 2.0.18
in addition to the above

(1) rename preload file.
XOOPS_TRUUST_PATH/modules/timeline/preload/_constants.php (with undebar)

constants.php (without undebar)

(2) change _C_TIMELINE_PRELOAD_XOOPS_2018 in valid
remove // at the head.

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Special Thanks * [#j80f0e1f] anchor.png

Special thanks to MIT Simile Project.

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Cube versionXOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1
Web serverApache 2

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