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Plugg is a Community System Plugin built with Sabai framework featuring webforms, forum, widgets on a simple drop and down user interface to extend the core functionality of Plugg. Plugins range from a simple Javascript library to a full blown forum software.
Plugg can replace mainly XCL default features, user management, Private Message and User Profile.

jQuery, External Link, Textarea Resizer
Akismet - Anti SPAM plugin using Akismet or other compatible spam-filtering services
Cron - The cron plugin will allow administrators to manually run the cron at any time.
Birthday - This plugin enables each user to add his or her birthday to the profile page.
Gender - Adds a gender field to user profiles.
HTML Purifier Filter
Locale - Enables online administration of locale message catalogues.
Message - Messaging plugin (inbox, outbox, friends, purge, etc.)
OpenID - Enables the OpenID user authentication
Services Trackback
Slimbox2 - Enables the Slimbox2 javascript library from http://www.digitalia.be/software/slimbox2
Weblog Updates Ping
Xigg - allows site administrators to maintain a community-based news article popularity website like digg.com.
XOOPS Cube User - This plugin enables using user accounts of any XOOPS Cube installation as the user data.
XOOPS Cube User Auth - Enables user authentication using the user data on another XOOPSCube website.
XOOPS Groups - Adds a user profile field that displays groups to which the user belongs.

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