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StatusCompatibility OK
Module nameMyIframe
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Despite all the modules you can use in Xoops, sometimes you can be in a case where, for technical reasons or because of time, it's not possible to add something to your web site.

That's for example the case when you want to do a "link" towards another site by giving a direct access from your site.

An html tag exists to do this, iframe, it enables you to see the content of another site or of another page from the current page.

The use of this tag is not easy, that's why this module exists.

With the module you can create as many iframes as you want, then you just have to call them to see the result.

You can also count the number of times each iframe is used.

You can create your iframes and pass them all the parameters you want. For example, to see a particular article.

All the parameters given to the module are iron to the called iframe.

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