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StatusCompatibility OK
CategoryContent manager
Module nameEdito
Download URLhttp://www.arma-sa.com/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=6
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Cube versionLegacy 2.1 beta 1
Web server1.3.34

If you adjust its sql file (some varchars aren't correct within this module. They are 512 which are to long and need to be changed into 255):
meta_title varchar(255) default NULL,
meta_keywords varchar(255) default NULL,
meta_description varchar(255) default NULL,

The installation went without any problems.

Admin main:
Don't know if this is standard in this module but it gives the msgs:
Block admin access unavailable in this Xoops version. [#p7b041fc]
Edito Blocks can be installed via Legacy System-> Block installation.

Admin settings:
Can only be reached with system module installed.

There are some notices (no warnings or errors).
Overall: This module works just fine.

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Module nameEdito
Download URLhttp://www.wolfpackclan.com/
Cube version2.1 Legacy Beta 1
OSWindows NT X64
Web serverApache/2.2.2

Edito - Admin - Index

Block admin access unavailable in this Xoops version.

Edito - Admin - Preferences

Fatal error: Call to a member function mid() on a non-object in /21beta1/modules/system/admin.php on line 54

Edit page/content, breaks layout.

Reported by Gigamaster.

Attach file:
filePHP44OK.png 1335DL [Info] fileOK.png 2035DL [Info]

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