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Table of contents
  • How to release archive
    • Checkout
    • What does the project team to do after arhive?
      • Upload
      • Tags

How to release archive anchor.png[1]

This is a way that you release an archive as the specific version or the latest version in your site! Of course, there are many ways. But, this page introduces the project team's way.

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Checkout anchor.png[2]

The project team uses Eclise 3.2 to checkout. If you already have checked out the specific version to program, you should check out in other place. Choose 'Check Out As', input name as new project (e.x. xoopscube2_1_alpha_4e), specify your desktop to store.

After then, do 'Team >> Disconnect' to checked out project on Resource Parse Pective. You must choose 'Also delete the CVS meta information form the file system.' By that, CVS directories will be deleted. Plus, delete the following:

  • /etc directory.
  • /extras/theme_x2t directory.
  • /modules/system
  • /modules/base
  • /.project file

Confirm the name of the directory. If you want to release alpha4e, the name of directory should be 'xoopscube2_1_alpha_4e'. If you're OK, make archive.

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What does the project team to do after arhive? anchor.png[3]

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Upload anchor.png[4]

The project team uploads the archive to After then, they rewrite the download page on tinyD, and publish the release news.

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Tags anchor.png[5]

The project team gives the tag to CVS at release. See XOOPSCubeLegacy​/CVS[6].

  • xoopscube_legacy_2_1_0_alpha_{x}_{y}
  • xoopscube_legacy_2_1_0_beta_{x}
  • xoopscube_legacy_2_1_0_RC_{x}

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