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How To: Connect CVS as a dev member anchor.png[1]

We have different methods to do it. This page explains a first method with Eclipse[2] and how to connect to the CVS repository.

This document is for members of the dev team who forgot how to connect to the CVS. Users can connect to CVS as anonymous. Please, read the associated how to method here[3].

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Eclipse + cygwin anchor.png[4]

If your OS is windows, cygwin is easy to use for CVS. Install cygwin and ssh. (To install ssh command, you check it on the install wizard.)

Next, generate the key and register it in sourceforge.

  • Click Window -> Preference.
  • In Team -> CVS -> EXT connection, specify ssh.exe of cygwin as CVS_RSH.
  • Start cygwin. And, try to access to register the host as the known host to your envrionment.
ssh -l {your_name}
  • Add the repository with {your_name}, your password with Connection Type ext.
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Task anchor.png[5]

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