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Legacy_RenderSystem is the standard render-system and the only render-system at now. This emulates the rendering logic of XOOPS2 and handles XOOPS2 format themes. Because XOOPS2 isn't object oriented well, Legacy_Controller has to handler Legacy_RenderSystem as special kernel.

'xoops_' prefix is the system reserved. 'legacy_' is the reserved, too. Developers must not use variables which start with these prefixes.

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About initialization process, XOOPS2 and Legacy have a big difference. So, developers have to understand the different of usable template variables at each template types. For example, Legacy_RenderSystem assigns the variable for themes just before it begins to render themes. By that, developers cann't access some variables in blocks.

But if this specs brings fatal problems on the compatibility for you, do report them to forums.

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Prepare anchor.png

Developers can access these variables which are initialized in prepare(), in many spaces of the program. And, developers can re-write them at the block or the module.

Some variables are the variable for themes. But, for the comatibility, these variables are set in the preparation process.

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xoops_requesturi anchor.png

Deprecated. This variable is for the compatibility. Developers shouldn't use this. And, it's important to understand that the host abstract layer of Legacy isn't incompletion.

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xoops_js anchor.png

This variable is for the compatibility. Legacy_RenderSystem developers doesn't consider this variable. So, developers should consider it, if you want to use it.

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Preferences anchor.png

The following template variables is specified in the preference of Legacy_RenderSystem. Those variables are escaped. So designers should use them directly without any escape modifiers.

  • xoops_meta_keywords
  • xoops_meta_description
  • xoops_meta_robots
  • xoops_meta_rating
  • xoops_meta_author
  • xoops_meta_copyright
  • xoops_footer

Because those variables are assigned in prepare(), developers can re-write them. This isn't the best way, but it's useful for some users.

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Others anchor.png
  • xoops_sitename
  • xoops_slogan
  • xoops_banner
  • xoops_isuser
  • xoops_userid
  • xoops_uname
  • xoops_isadmin
  • xoops_modulename
  • xoops_dirname
  • xoops_pagetitle
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Render blocks anchor.png

  • xoops_theme
  • xoops_imageurl
  • xoops_themecss
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Render module anchor.png

  • xoops_theme
  • xoops_imageurl
  • xoops_themecss
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Render themes anchor.png

  • xoops_theme
  • xoops_imageurl
  • xoops_themecss

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