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XOOPSCubeLegacy​/HowToUpgrade​/FromRCToRC2 :: Web Application Platform



Table of contents
  • How to upgrade from RC Legacy RC2
    • STEP 1 Preparation
    • STEP 2 Close site
    • STEP 3 File replace
    • STEP 4 Upgrade
    • STEP 5 Open site

How to upgrade from RC Legacy RC2 anchor.png[2]

Try it first at home! Means that it's preferable to try the upgrade in a copy of your site, on your local pc and then move to the real world and try it there.

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STEP 1 Preparation anchor.png[3]


There is no need for any preparation in this procedure.

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STEP 2 Close site anchor.png[4]

  1. Select 'default' theme. And, disable selectable themes.
  2. Close your site.
  3. Change the debug mode to PHP[5] debug mode.
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STEP 3 File replace anchor.png[6]

  1. Delete all of files, except mainfile.php and the following directories:
    • images
    • themes
    • uploads
    • modules
    • preload
    • your XOOPS_TRUST_PATH (if existing)
  1. Delete the following modules.
    • legacy
    • user
    • legacyRender
    • pm
    • stdCache
  1. If you don't need the system module, delete the system module too after uninstalling it.
  2. Overwrite with RC package.
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STEP 4 Upgrade anchor.png[7]

  • Go to the module management and update all of your modules.
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STEP 5 Open site anchor.png[8]

  1. Open your site.
  2. After you have finished checking, change the debug mode to OFF.

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