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Is Legacy the new forked XOOPS called 'Cube'? anchor.png

No, it isn't. Legacy is one of special modules categorized to Base Module. In other words, Legacy is one of the modules running under XOOPS Cube, and it is not XOOPS Cube. Do you know Wii? Wii is the famous game console with a virtual console feature to play old games from some old game consoles. Legacy is based on this concept of virtual console.

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Does Legacy ensure compatibility for all XOOPS2 modules? anchor.png

No, it doesn't. Legacy emulates XOOPS2 behavior as far as possible. But obviously, modules developers performs differently. Happily, most of XOOPS2 modules are GPL, so we are allowed to modify them for Legacy. If you encounter uncompatible modules, share your troubles in the forum or wiki. The Legacy dev team will solve the problem by modifying Legacy or patching modules.

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How can I make my first site with XOOPS Cube and Legacy? anchor.png

At first, you should install xampp to get a test server running in your PC. Next, install XOOPS Cube and the module Legacy, you can read the first step guide from administration interface.

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Click 'Help' in the side menu.
  • Click the link to the first step guide.
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