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See Getting Started FAQ.

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How can I get the XOOPS Cube's latest development? anchor.png

The big advantage of using CVS is that you easily can keep your version of the code base up to date with the latest edits and changes committed to CVS. Visit please this page.

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How do I get involved in XOOPS Cube Open Source project? anchor.png

We, the dev team think that the role of the dev team is not the most important, so we don't forward enough to add developers who can commit. The goal is to set everyone free to submit ideas to the patch tracker.Read please the following topic for further details.

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The dev team has discussed about our team system:

Our model is not only based on anarchism and natural law theory but also on a creative chaos concept (credit due to Mikail).

You need the commit-right to commit your code to our repository. If we are not able to merge your numerous patches, you get the commit-right.

The dev team is just a group which can commit code to the repository. It is not a political group which aim to control the community. We'll giving credit where credit is due.

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