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XoopsSimpleObject class is helpful, so you may use it in many cases. In addition, Legacy has some smarty plugins to embed values of objects in template for XoopsSimpleObject. xoops_optionsArray is one of them and is useful for multi select form.

When you push options which are array of XoopsSimpleObject to a render target, you may write a template as the following;

<select name="name_id[]">
 <{foreach item=object from$objects}>
   <{if $object->get('id') == $actionForm->get('name_id')}>
     <option value="<{$object->getShow('id')}>" selected><{$object->getShow('name')}></option>
     <option value="<{$object->getShow('id')}>"><{$object->getShow('name')}></option>

By using xoops_optionsArray, you can write the same template as the folowwing;

<select name="name_id[]">
 <{xoops_optionsArray from=$objects value=id label=name default=$actionForm->get('name_id')}>

The case where this plugin is the most useful is multi select form. You don't need to change template code little.

<select name="name_id[]" mutiple>
 <{xoops_optionsArray from=$objects value=id label=name default=$actionForm->get('name_id')}>

The plugin changes its process, if 'default' is array.

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