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This article explains how to install XOOPS Cube Legacy to your XAMPP. XOOPS Cube Legacy has the special script to support an installation. This install-wizard script creates required database and writes required configuration informations to the config file. At first, you have to put XOOPS Cube Legacy files to the document root of your XAMPP so that you can access to the install-wizard. Next, access to it. Let's start!

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Download XOOPS Cube Legacy anchor.png

Do you have the XOOPS Cube Legacy package? At the beginning, you have to get the XOOPS Cube Legacy package to progress this tutorial. Go to the download page and get the zip archive from the page. In most OS, it's easy to expand the archive. For example, in Windows XP or later, press the right button of your mouse on the archive and choose a menu to expand files.

The root directory of the XOPPS Cube Legacy package contains three directories.

htmlThe main directory that you should install.
docsA document directory. You can learn how to install here.
extrasA bonus directory. Some append files are there.
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Put XOOPS Cube Legacy to your XAMPP anchor.png

Next, put these files to the specific directory.

By the previous tutorial, you became able to start mini-server in your PC. This server is called "local host" or "local server". Your local server has the same spec as real web server and is a good textbook to learn about server.

Now you can access to "http://localhost/". Apache is a web server embedded to XAMPP, and loads contents from the specific directory. This specific directory is called a document root and is under XAMPP directory that you have installed. If your OS is Windows, you may click "xampp httpdocs folder" menu from the start menu. In other OS, open the directory directly.

Copy "html" directory of the archive to this directory. And, rename "xoops". Now, you can access to this directory in "http://localhost/xoops/". In fact, this "document root" directory is binded to "http://localhost/". The concept of the document root is very important, and will appear again when you will try to install XOOPS Cube Legacy to real server in the near future.

You may refer to a video tutorial which explains from this section to "Remove Install Directory".

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Install Wizard anchor.png

Let's go to "http://localhost/xoops/"! You are redirected to the install-wizard. Detail documents in the docs directory explain about the install-wizard. Open the docs directory from archive and read install.htm.

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Remove Install Directory anchor.png

After installation, you have to remove the install-directory from your xoops directory under the document root, because the install-directory is accessable for anyone and anonymous users can re-start it to smash your site.

In fact, uninstalled XOOPS Cube Legacy is like a squab which does not recognize her parents yet. In this state, anybody can become the administrator. A squab will recognize the first encounter as her parent. Now you have just been recognized as the administrator by accessing the install-wizard firstly. Therefore you need to block other parent birds by removing the install-wizard.

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Make mainfile.php read-only anchor.png

Mainfile.php is one of the most important file. Your mainfile.php is writable now, because the install-wizard needed to edit it. After installation, you have to make it read-only to protect this important file from various troubles and attacks.

But, now, you are trying XOOPS Cube Legacy on XAMPP. If you are protecting your mini-server of XAMPP by personal fire wall and others, you don't have to do this. And, in some cases, you may be unable to make it read-only. Anyway, that's no problem, if you are using personal fire wall. However, in real server, you have to make mainfile.php read-only. Don't forget it.

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Conclusion anchor.png

  • XOOPS Cube Legacy has the install-wizard. The install-wizard creates database and edit config file automatically.
  • The web server has the document root for users. You have to put files under the document root. You can learn about it in your XAMPP.
  • There is the detail document about the install-wizard. It is contained to docs directory of the XOOPS Cube Legacy package archive.
  • After installation, you have to remove the install-directory including the install-wizard, because anonymous user can re-start the install-wizard to attack your site.
  • Also, you have to make mainfile.php read-only so that anonymous attacker can't edit this important file.

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