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In the previous tutorial, you saw the first state of your site. That's simple homepage.


You will start to improve the site from this state by installing modules, changing looks, putting blocks and more. To do all well, learn the screen layout at the beginning.

XOOPS Cube Legacy has two layers --- the homepage and the control panel. The homepage is often called the public side. This article explains the basic screen layout of these two layers.

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The homepage is three panes --- the left block column, the center block column and the right block column. The center block column has more two blocks in its top part. Therefore, the basic layout of XOOPS Cube Legacy is five columns.

To build your site, you can put blocks which are a mini-content region, into these blocks. See site for example. This site uses three columns in the top page and uses two columns in each corners.

In fact, this layout is the layouting convention between theme designers. Themes are a kind of skins. You can change your site's looks by changing the theme. And, some special themes may change this basic layout.

Well, where can you control them?

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Ok, let's go to another layer. You are looking at the left block in your homepage. The left block is including two blocks --- User Menu and Main Menu. Click "Administrator" in the user menu to go to the control panel.

This is the control panel for administrators who manage the site. Important functions that common users can't access are collected to here. You will progress site management mostly here.

The default control panel is two panes --- the left menu block and the main block. The left menu blocks displays management command menu that each modules prepare. Let's learn basic operations. You notice that there are an opened menu and closed menus.

Normally, the menu of the current module is opened. And, menus of other modules are closed. You can open them and close them easily, by clicking the toggle icon.

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XOOPS Cube Legacy has the kick start guide in its help menu. This is very helpful for you to understand about XOOPS Cube Legacy. How to access it?

See the left block column. Some command-menus are displayed inside the Legacy System block. One of them is Help. Click Help.


Here is the link to the kick start guide. Click the link to go to the guide and read it well!

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  • XOOPS Cube Legacy has two layers. They are the homepage (the public side) and the control panel.
  • The homepage is three panes and five columns basically. This layout is supplied by themes which control the site's looks.
  • The control panel is two panes. The left column contains opened menu and closed menu. You can open/close them by clicking the toggle icon.
  • XOOPS Cube Legacy has the kick start guid as a textbook for beginners. You can read it in the help of Legacy System.

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