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The bugtracker system its a very useful system to developers. We would like to invite you to use the tracker. By using the tracker you contribute directly to improve the project helping developers to find the problems more quickly to fix them.

  • Users can submit reports to this bug tracker system
 so developers don't have to stress tracking bugs on forum threads.
  • Developers have different free time from each other. But, the bug tracker system displays the latest status and the list of members who commit to the item, so developers can come back to development anytime.
  • The bug tracker system handles 1 bug as 1 item, so it's very easy to track it.
  • The bug tracker system handles expection status --- Reject, Duplication ---, so it's easy to submit bug reports even if a user can't decide whether the problem is really bug.
  • Users can monitor items that they have submitted. And, developers can avoid the trouble of having to report the result.
  • Developers and users can discuss about the item on simple board of the tracker system.
  • The bug tracker is good for some developers who join to the plural project. SO developers can list all of items on one screen.

The bug tracker system is a devine blessing bridging the communication gap between developers and users.

Resuming Pros and Cons

  • Users submit reports to the forum and developers have to track all topics of the forum.
  • Developers have different free time from each other making difficult tochat via messenger. So they have to share and discuss all topics by writting.
  • If for any reason a topic handles multiple bug reports, developers may addle. "Who assign?" "What is the latest status?" "Is this a bug? or not?" "This bug is fixed? or not?"
  • Developers have to report a complex topic result which includes too many reports.
  • Developers and users can discuss about the problem on a forum thread. But, other hot topics may surge and some other developers may not read it at all.
  • The forum is not a solution for some developers who still working on multiple projects.
  • If the bug tracker is available, developers can list all of items on one screen.

Users should know that the bug tracker system is not so technical and difficult. This tool is very useful to developers and users who see their problems solved very quickly. It remains simple and easy to use alike any agenda or ToDo list that we have categorized, listed and managed for different things until now.

Also, in the bug tracker, you may submit your report with the defined form. It's easier than the forum which has a free form. If you fear to submit mistakes, keep in mind that forums topics are full of mistakes which are inconvenient to developers. The bug tracker has been designed to be able to handle mistakes. Developers will not give you a damn for mistake while reporting to bug tracker system. Just remember that it's a tool to bridge the gap between developers and users. A tooltip ;-)

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The XOOPS Cube dev team is hosting the project and using the bug tracker system at sourceforge.jp. XOOPS Cube will move to sourceforge.net. It is the same bug tracker system. Sourceforge.jp uses Japanese in some parts, but it's no problem, we can browse it in English too.

Do you have your account at sourceforge.jp?

At first, you need to create your account here. You can choose your language from English and Japanese. Then, you can submit your reports very easily as follow.

  • Write Summary and Detailed Description. You don't input to other forms, if you can't understand them. Developers are happy to fill in the gaps.
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You may combine simple words, even if it is not a correct sentence in English.

'User' + 'Management' + 'Problem' = "User management problem"
'Wrong' + 'HTML' = "Wrong HTML"
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Detailed Description anchor.png

The thing developers most want is "reappearance". If you are not good at English, it's an easy to report.

1) Go to the control panel
2) Click the menu
3) Delete a user. (This user is in the administrator group)
4) I encounter the problem.

And, you remember to report your server environment and other useful informations.

- Firefox 2.00
- Apache 2.0x
- PHP 5.xx...
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If you can't use English anchor.png

The current tracker system can handle Japanese and English correctly. If you can't use English, you many submit your reports in Japanese and more. In this case, you should box off the sentence with [JA], [PO] etc...


If you are using Firefox, visit this forum thread about Firefox Extensions. You will find some useful extensions to translate on-the-fly text and full pages from and to different languages.

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