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About PukiWiki[1] anchor.png[2]

  • PukiWiki[1] is the Web based tool which enables not only the webmaster but also visitors modify any page without any restriction.
  • In terms of the function that visters can leave messages, it may resemble other bulletinboards.
  • However PukiWiki[1] allows you not only to leave messages, but also to change the whole design and contents of exsting pages, in contrast, bulletinboards only allow you to leave messages.
  • PukiWiki[1] is a unique Wiki-Engine which is based on the YukiWiki[3] created by Mr. Hiroshi Yuki. Mr. sng continued its development until the release of PukiWiki[1] 1.3, and PukiWiki[1] Developers Team inherited the development from him after 1.3.1b.
  • Now, it is independent from YukiWiki[3] by the name of PukiWiki[1] and the functions are kept enhancing. its function is described as following right now:
    PukiWiki[1] = (YukiWiki[3] + Tiki + RWiki) / 3
  • You can freely expand its function by adding "Plug-ins".
  • There exists a lot of original plug-ins besides the standard plug-ings which are included the pukiwiki package as default.

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