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Guidelines For XOOPS Cube Certified Support Sites

The purpose of this document is to layout clear guidelines that govern the selection of XOOPS Cube Certified Support Sites.

To become eligible and have us list your site as XOOPS Cube Certified Support Site you will need to make sure, that all requirements formulated in this document are met and adhered to.

Certification Requirements

The following is the list of requirements, and should be used as check list:

  1. All Certified Support Sites (hereinafter "Support Site") listed on should have the desire and means to provide quality and current news, as well as information in regards to the XOOPS Cube Web Application System.
  2. Support Sites are free to develop their own logo and site design, as long as the following items are adhered to:
    • Most of the content provided has to be accessible by anonymous users. Registration can be required for posting, but any kind of information provided by the Support Site needs to remain registration free. If the Support Site offers subscriptions and/or member registration, a privacy policy needs to be in place, and adhered to by the site administrators.
    • No pop up, or pop under adds. Some affiliate links may be allowed but sites consisting primarily of affiliate links will not be certified as Support Site.
    • Site navigation should be clearly marked (legible fonts, easily understood link titles, obvious menu blocks).
    • The Support Site needs to comply with any laws and regulations which might be applicable to the website.
  3. A site representative should register to XOOPS Cube Support Mailing List to be up to date on release notices, development news, and any other information related with XOOPS Cube. The XOOPS Cube Project Team requires contact information of the representative of the Support Site.
  4. If for some reason differences between XOOPS Cube Project Team and the Support Site cannot be resolved after extensive communication efforts (e.g. request to remove questionable material from Support Site), the XOOPS Cube Project Team reserves the right to revoke the certification status of the Support Site. Also, the XOOPS Cube Project Team has the right to suspend the certification status of a Support Site at any time.

Published: December 22, 2005
Modified: February 26, 2006

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