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XOOPS Cube Development Roadmap

This document resumes XOOPS Cube project roadmap - from where it comes and where it goes.

However, this roadmap is being modified upon needs of users and developers.




The XOOPS project has been developed from the beginning of 2002, forked from php-nuke. XOOPS 2.0.x development team, lead by Onokazu, set a high standard that is flexible and adaptable to a wide range of uses. Thus, 3rd party developers and designers can work on extensions and implementations, while the development team works on core development. 

XOOPS get very popular nowadays. Many users from individuals to large organizations, including government authorities and enterprises, uss and personalize XOOPS to fit their needs. 

September 2003, a half-year after release XOOPS 2.0, a new XOOPS development team has been discussed. And they decide to create a 'Core development team', 'theme design team', 'quality control team', 'document team' and so on, aiming to get more impetus by role sharing.

It resulted in confusion and delay of decision making to fix security bugs. In addition to that, it was a critical problem to Japanese and many other users and developers that there was some updates including disregards of multi-byte characters. 

XOOPS JP team had proposed to take major part in XOOPS development. However, it was refused by the XOOPS team at
The XOOPS JP team struggled in dysfunction for providing XOOPS which fit people's needs in Japan. Thus, XOOPS JP team had decided to provide a new version of the XOOPS (= XOOPS Cube) for the people who needs prompt security fix and true multi-byte support.

Security fixes of Xoops 2.0.x JP and improvements of XOOPS Cube Legacy were shared with




We have placed our first priority of XOOPS Cube on multi-byte and compatibility. Users who use single-byte characters are also welcome. We start providing English and Japanese language catalogs of XOOPS Cube release. Many other communities have joining the project, Brazil, Greece, Germany, France, Korea, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Taiwan. We welcome developers, translators and community contributors from all over the world!


We keep basic principals such as user friendly interface to have fun sharing our experience as user, designer, or XOOPS Cube developer.

For most of us, XOOPS Cube is almost a way of life, not as much as a creed nor as little as a hobby.
It's a quest of true freedom creativity. It's about real passion!


We try to develop keeping versatility, functionality and quality thanks to the extensible architecture of the new core, used at various type of website from individual to enterprises.


Legacy modules ensure compatibility with XOOPS standards from and we will make an effort to keep interchangeability with Xoops 2. However, we can't guarantee compatibility in future releases since Project team still breaking Xoops standards.


User roles

- focus on easy development.
- abundantly reusable API.
- documentation

- easy site development
- easy site management
- modules and core documentation

- easy theme creation
- easy to personalize templates

- site accessibility
- intuitive and ergonomic user interface
- best user experience
- fun

3S- New concept

3S is the new concept of XOOPS Cube

Security : Site owners and companies can easily run XOOPS Cube with confidence.
- Token system (one time ticket) to secure the system.
- Clean and efficient code to secure the system.

Simple : Simple core
- Making some functions in the core into modules and classes.
- Simple core without unused functions
- Avoid overlaps of the code in the scripts

Scalable : CMS for various websites
- Enhance object-oriented code and structure
- Plain and efficient code to enable easy development.




To take advantage of 3S, simple, secure and scalable, we are developing a web application based in 2 layers.
XOOPS Cube is a simple abstract layer for substantive programs/scripts of web applications, including XOOPS related content management system.
The CMS which we are developing in xoopscube_legacy branch, is called XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1. Which consists of XOOPS Cube layer, and some Legacy modules ensuring compatibility with XOOPS2 standards. In addition, we maintain XOOPS2 to keep website security.


[XOOPS 2.0.x JP series]

This is a temporary branch for JP users. The project team keeps its security until implementation of XOOPS Cube.
XOOPS 2.0.x JP is basically XOOPS2. This is not XOOPS Cube and is not our goal.
We will not improve XOOPS JP 2.0.16a drastically. We only fixed some security issues and consider this branch development no more active.


[XOOPS Cube 0.9 + Legacy 2.1] (2006 4Q)

This is our goal now.
- Making simple core (XOOPS Cube)
- Writing most of programs from scratch (Legacy)
- PHP5 support (XOOPS Cube and Legacy)
- Definition of authentication rules (XOOPS Cube)
- Replaceable authentication systems (Legacy implements XOOPS Cube)
- Definition of role base authority rules (XOOPS Cube)
- Improvement of administrator's UI (Legacy)
- And others...

XOOPS Cube is completely new program. It doesn't contain any code of XOOPS2.
Legacy is one of replaceable base modules. It is able to use some features of XOOPS Cube.

The Legacy will complete most of Cube spirit --- 'Secure' and 'Scalable'. And, XOOPS Cube will complete 'Simple'.

- XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 beta 3-c : 6 November
- XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 RC : 13 November


XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 stable version will be released after some week for RC.

[XOOPS Cube 1.0] (2007 1Q-)

- Manifesto format style definition
- Improvement for various base modules and support tools.

Naming : XOOPS Cube

The name 'XOOPS Cube' express that it belongs to XOOPS family,
and Cube, a solid and secure object-oriented systems.


Project members

You can join the project at any time and meet some active members at
sourceforge Project Development, among other members contributing to the project on local support web sites.


Original (Japanese Version) (2006)


Roadmap Evolution

Since stable release 2.1 we could say that we have reach a point of "unknown destination"
As the avant-garde, we innovate, create and develop new ideas and explore new concepts.
Actually, branch 2.2 will focus on user experience and user interface, review documentation
and improve project structure for further evolution.


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