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XOOPS Cube Legacy Administration - Graphical User Interface (GUI)
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XOOPS Cube Legacy : Preferences

After Installation, you can setup your site and personalize a few options, among others, define the site name, slogan, meta keywords, allow or not new members registration,etc. All easily configured from the intuitive administration interface.

Legacy modules are released with Help files that are accessible at any moment from the control panel menu.
Legacy control panel also features an Action Search for modules functions by using tasks keywords.



XOOPS Cube Legacy : Modules


Extend XOOPS Cube Legacy is a quite simple task. It will only require you two mouse clicks to get a module like Pico (content management) to be installed in no time.



XOOPS Cube Legacy : Blocks


You can also install  default blocks of Legacy and installed modules. But also create a personalized block with your content, html or php script.


XOOPS Cube Legacy : Themes


You can download thousands of Themes but we would like to suggest you to create your own theme. First, it's not a difficult task. Secondly, the render engine allows you to easily express your creativity. Something that will ensure you a lot of fun, and contribute to your site original identity !
From the Control panel you can select multiple themes and switch from one to another installing the block "Themes".



XOOPS Cube Legacy : Groups



XOOPS Cube Legacy : Group Permissions



XOOPS Cube Legacy : User



XOOPS Cube Legacy : Mail Job



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