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Announcements: XOOPSERVER 5 release 31-10-2008

gigamaster submitted 2008/11/2 0:31, published 2008/11/2 0:31 | 21589 views
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Update 31-10-2008

EN (all languages from svn)
FR by gigamaster
JP by Higashi

XOOPSERVER 5 release 31-10-2008

Portable WAMP
Windows, Apache 2, MySQL 5, PHP 5

Server Modules and PHP Extensions
required to run XOOPS Cube and Modules

Installation more...

Announcements: XOOPSERVER 5 :: Seven Screenshots

gigamaster submitted 2008/8/30 20:20, published 2008/8/30 20:20 | 21990 views
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This release is the result of an idea shared with Mikhail some time ago. He made a great effort with XOOPSERVER 4 and 5. Due to my lack of time and later my lack of attention
- i merged two different compilations into svn repository... m(_ _)m
and the release was delayed. But this time everything seems to run smoothly, at least on Windows 32 bits. XOOPSERVER 5 Portable WAMP is available to test XOOPS Cube distributions packages and for future improvements.

Check here the first 7 screenshots more...

Announcements: XOOPSERVER 5 release 28-08-2008

gigamaster submitted 2008/8/30 3:21, published 2008/8/30 3:21 | 34044 views
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Test XOOPS Cube Legacy Distributions with Xoopserver 5, a portable WAMP - Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP 5. Click and run a local server from your hard disk or USB device. Experiment and take advantage of XOOPS Cube Legacy Freedom to Create.

XOOPS Cube Legacy

The Simple, Secure and Scalable modular architecture easy to built with the new D3 Modules generation featuring an intuitive interface to personalize your templates and language catalogs.


Announcements: XOOPSERVER 4 + D3 Modules + Xigg

gigamaster submitted 2008/8/23 17:18, published 2008/8/23 17:18 | 22371 views
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Hi All,

I am very happy to share with you the last changes to XOOPS Cube Legacy. This is just a "light package" with some stuff removed

~ 3mb compressed with 7zip
~ 7 mb archive zipped

The package includes some GUI changes,
D3 Module Pico with samples of forms
Xigg, Language English and Japanese

Announcements: XOOPSERVER 4 release 20.08.2008

gigamaster submitted 2008/8/20 20:51, published 2008/8/20 20:52 | 19867 views
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I'm very happy to announce you the release of XOOPSERVER 4

The 08.08.2008 marked the end of life for PHP 4, which has been in stable release since May, 2000. With eight years of legacy code out there, it is likely that there are going to be a fairly large number of systems that will not migrate to PHP 5 in the near future, and a reasonable proportion of those that will not make the migration at all. And that is also why I'm sure you will enjoy the great work done by developers with Legacy system!

XOOPSERVER is a portable WAMP - Windows Apache MySQL and PHP solution to run and experiment XOOPS Cube Legacy, HD Distribution or any package from Legacy Modules D3


It's easy as download, unzip and double click to launch the server which will create


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