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Module: Medialinks 2.0 released

nobu submitted 2008/11/24 15:47, published 2008/12/4 2:38 | 27590 views
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medialinks is a module for video materials (wmv, mov, etc). This module work display arrange videos and show it.

This module feature is following:

* Make keyword with complex structure and add multiple.
* Make Additional database field.
* Handle multiple video file and attachment file link in a content. more...

Announcements: The animation slide explains "XOOPS Cube" to you

minahito submitted 2008/2/4 23:11, published 2008/2/4 23:11 | 42106 views
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I made the slide edition of "the 10 reasons why you should touch XOOPS Cube". The slide has some animations to explain well. Perhaps, this graphical expression covers my poor English and tell the truth to you.

The file size of the slide is too large, so you need to download the file completely by using "Save As...". After you will enjoy the slide. The license of the slide is CCA 2.5, so you can use the slide freely.

Download from here.

(Click the right-button, and choose "Save As")

My English in the slide may be incorrect, could you tell me my mistake?

I'm sorry. Because I made the first version for a certain event in Japan, the slide includes international great sites enough.

Module: MediaLinks - a Video contents module

nobu submitted 2007/11/16 11:26, published 2007/11/17 10:12 | 30353 views
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The "medialinks" is a module for video materials (wmv, mov, etc). This module work display arrange videos and show it.

This module work almost same as "Links" (e.g. mylinks module) which special for video. Not handle video file itself. Upload content file and feed management not include.

This module will be build video site like YouTube, probably. :-)

The Web That Wasn't

gigamaster submitted 2007/10/29 4:31, published 2007/10/29 4:31 | 20403 views
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Today we get a very valuable tool to organize information, thanks to Ono. I hope that we are going to make a good usage of Xigg module.

So, for my first post, I would like to share with you the following video that go way back to look at precursors and great cognitive innovations that have been and are being made. It tries to explain from where it comes and how did we get here, the web.


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