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Module: Article Management System (AMS) 2.50 Beta 1 Released !

NovaSmart submitted 2008/8/19 13:13, published 2008/8/20 22:56 | 21486 views
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After 5 month of development, NovaSmart Technology proudly announce Article Management System (AMS) 2.50 Beta 1 to be released to the public.

AMS 2.50 main target is to incorporate all "must have" features for modern article management module without sacrificing performance. With this release, user will have new experience in submitting and editing articles with 3 best wysiwyg editors (FCK Editor, TinyMCE and Koivi) and built-in xoops editor. User also now have ability to choose whatever editor they like straight from the edit/compose form without admin intervention. For admin, they have full right to enable this feature and even to choose which editor they want to be available to user.

This release considered not stable more...

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