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Module: Article Management System (AMS) 3.00 SEO Beta 1 Released !

NovaSmart submitted 2010/2/19 17:03, published 2010/3/8 15:48 | 60279 views
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NovaSmart Technology proudly announce Article Management System (AMS) 3.00 Beta 1 to be released to the public.

NovaSmart need your help to provide your local translation or update from AMS 2.52 translation, so we could incorporate local translation directly in FINAL version. To ease your effort, AMS 3.00 Beta 1 include Dutch, German, Spanish that up to date to AMS 2.52 and need your help to add a few translation to make it compatible with AMS 3.00

This release consider NOT STABLE and NOT RECOMMENDED for production site.

Whats New In AMS 3.00 :
AMS 3.00 is a major release, specifically targeted to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in AMS, so the article published in AMS will get higher ranking in search engine and improve relevancy. AMS 3.00 incorporate with flexible and powerful SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL that never seen in any XOOPS publishing module such as able to relocate the article to the root, custom path, incorporate subtopic & audience in URL. Subsequence AMS 3.xx release will gradually implement other SEO technique like SEF for topics, custom tag and meta data in order to maximize relevancy.


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