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Theme: XOOPS Cube 2.2 First Experimental Site

gigamaster submitted 2008/12/23 23:25, published 2008/12/23 23:25 | 30194 views
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"One of the most difficult tasks people can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games."

C.G. Jung

Since XOOPS Cube branch 2.2 main goal is to improve User Interface, documentation and show the possibilities of Legacy. We start a designers workshop with a short explanation of Legacy features and a simple 'game' with a combination of challenge, competition and interaction to have fun.

Saying we could do almost everything, I had to create a development environment, downloading and installing a server and the last Package Legacy (SVN) to create a Mac-like web desktop.

Only open source technologies and software were allowed. The final site should run with default package only, without any extra module installed.

Here is the stuff used and the final web site


Theme: XOOPS Cube Theme Repository

gigamaster submitted 2008/12/4 22:29, published 2008/12/4 22:29 | 32446 views
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Since some designers will join XOOPS Cube Project, the CSS Frameworks and Themes from XCL UNMG distribution repository are moved to xoopscube-themes.

Main task is to create a few themes built on CSS Frameworks and Wanikoo Themes. Finally release these themes as samples and make tutorials to set free everyone creativity. Volunteers with html and css skills are welcome! more...

Module: XOOPS Cube Module Repository

gigamaster submitted 2008/12/4 22:27, published 2008/12/4 22:27 | 29079 views
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The originally XCL UNMG distribution repository has now a huge list of XOOPS Cube modules that can be found in Compatibility wiki reports and that should benefit from the 'common interface'. Main task is to review templates and icons set. Any volunteers with html and css skills are welcome.

XOOPS Cube UNMG Distribution is released with the first changes to Package Legacy branch 2.2 and samples (data and themes). more...

Announcements: XOOPS Cube Legacy Experimental aka UNMG

gigamaster submitted 2008/11/16 20:04, published 2008/11/16 20:04 | 23508 views
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The main goal of XOOPS Cube Legacy Modules repository was to provide a common Graphical User Interface (templates set, stylesheet, icons) and release a package with a set of modules ready to use out of the box.

Recently it becomes an experimental repository to test future features. And today it includes the following css frameworks (themes) and modules.


Module: DBCSS : Manage Meta tags, stylesheet and scripts

gigamaster submitted 2008/4/18 2:21, published 2008/4/18 2:21 | 34333 views
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This module enables you to edit your theme from XOOPS Cube administration. As you guess is one more nice module that completes perfectly webmasters and webdesigners set of tools... and my favorite module Pico ^^

This ends a cycle of modules review - we have enough tools, for all purposes too and it's time to focus on content.

I'm sure everybody will have fun from now on. Because if what we do is related to content management system, meaning, at the end it's all about content, concrete content published for different devices screens - pages with textes and photos, audio and video.


Module: Admin Theme Changer v0.21

gigamaster submitted 2007/10/30 0:53, published 2007/10/30 0:53 | 27187 views
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XOOPS Cube Legacy benefits from a very unique and original concept where freedom plays a central role and demonstrates that an healthy open source environment is feasible without a common business model.

This module release is another proof of concept that may convince the hesitant users, developers and designers of the good balance between development and design that exist in a solid base of freedom for innovation and creativity.


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