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Module: XOOPS Cube Module Repository

gigamaster submitted 2008/12/4 22:27, published 2008/12/4 22:27 | 29163 views
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The originally XCL UNMG distribution repository has now a huge list of XOOPS Cube modules that can be found in Compatibility wiki reports and that should benefit from the 'common interface'. Main task is to review templates and icons set. Any volunteers with html and css skills are welcome.

XOOPS Cube UNMG Distribution is released with the first changes to Package Legacy branch 2.2 and samples (data and themes). more...

Announcements: XOOPS Cube Legacy Experimental aka UNMG

gigamaster submitted 2008/11/16 20:04, published 2008/11/16 20:04 | 23583 views
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The main goal of XOOPS Cube Legacy Modules repository was to provide a common Graphical User Interface (templates set, stylesheet, icons) and release a package with a set of modules ready to use out of the box.

Recently it becomes an experimental repository to test future features. And today it includes the following css frameworks (themes) and modules.


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