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Theme: XOOPS Cube 2.2 First Experimental Site

gigamaster submitted 2008/12/23 23:25, published 2008/12/23 23:25 | 30194 views
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"One of the most difficult tasks people can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games."

C.G. Jung

Since XOOPS Cube branch 2.2 main goal is to improve User Interface, documentation and show the possibilities of Legacy. We start a designers workshop with a short explanation of Legacy features and a simple 'game' with a combination of challenge, competition and interaction to have fun.

Saying we could do almost everything, I had to create a development environment, downloading and installing a server and the last Package Legacy (SVN) to create a Mac-like web desktop.

Only open source technologies and software were allowed. The final site should run with default package only, without any extra module installed.

Here is the stuff used and the final web site


Theme: XOOPS Cube.org User Interface

gigamaster submitted 2008/2/22 1:16, published 2008/2/22 1:17 | 25699 views
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We are not only improving Xoopscube.org theme, which will be changing the next days, but also admin User Interface for a better User Experience.

It's a very important step to communicate the features of XOOPS Cube and specifically the package Legacy that distinguish this project from Xoops or any other fork around.

I hope you enjoy sharing this evolution ^^


Theme: XOOPS Cube Design Setting Up Your Workspace

gigamaster submitted 2008/1/31 5:40, published 2008/1/31 5:40 | 27127 views
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There's some stuff on XOOPS Cube forums about swiss psychologist Carl Jung the collective unconscious, and his theory of synchronicity. Some articles about creative chaos, anarchy, freedom and new organization model of XOOPS Cube to realize this Project philosophy. And many references to open source software.

You should know by now, how things are done but most of all, how do you get things done!

If you don't know yet, check the following blog article - Creativity : Right Brain vs Left Brain - that may help you to find out your dominant half ^^

"Being creative or artistic doesnt mean you know how to draw or play an instrument. Being creative is a way of thinking, a way of viewing the world."

Setting Up your creative environment 

1. Install a local server

2. Install XOOPS Cube Legacy

3. Install an IDE or WYSIWYG HTML editor


Theme: XOOPS Cube design is about creativity and freedom

gigamaster submitted 2008/1/30 5:08, published 2008/1/30 5:08 | 21461 views
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We have read in the previous article, ten reasons to get involved with XOOPS Cube
Recently, we were able to download the snapshot of the next XOOPS Cube with documents.

We'll go with the "Rendering Sequence" and how to design your XOOPS Cube web site

First, we should all agree that XOOPS Cube is an open source project and learning environment
mainly based on anarchism, meaning for most of us: creative freedom.

The next articles will introduce you to some tools and techniques that should set you free to express your creativity.

You are not limited to only one 'framework' nor 3 basic themes.
And you are not forced to used the suggested tools and methods

It's far preferable that you develop your own way to manage your creativity and organize your projects.


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