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Theme: Admin Theme 214

gigamaster submitted 2008/6/21 21:02, published 2008/6/21 21:02 | 23795 views
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XOOPS Cube Legacy strength is mainly creative freedom to customize.

To easily manage your Front themes and Admin Themes download MCLlibs - It's a must-have to test the Admin Themes that we customize and share.


Module: MCLlibs is a must-have to manage Admin Themes

gigamaster submitted 2008/6/21 19:55, published 2008/6/21 19:55 | 22374 views
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In time to test more than one Admin Theme, Wanikoo released a very useful Admin Theme Preload. Later, Marijuana released a very nice Admin Theme module.

I like to keep this memory alive because it is representative of Team Spirit and synergy of XOOPS Cube community.

Enjoy customizing and testing new themes!

XOOPS Cube Legacy for creative freedom


Module: DBCSS : Manage Meta tags, stylesheet and scripts

gigamaster submitted 2008/4/18 2:21, published 2008/4/18 2:21 | 34333 views
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This module enables you to edit your theme from XOOPS Cube administration. As you guess is one more nice module that completes perfectly webmasters and webdesigners set of tools... and my favorite module Pico ^^

This ends a cycle of modules review - we have enough tools, for all purposes too and it's time to focus on content.

I'm sure everybody will have fun from now on. Because if what we do is related to content management system, meaning, at the end it's all about content, concrete content published for different devices screens - pages with textes and photos, audio and video.


Module: Admin Theme Changer v0.21

gigamaster submitted 2007/10/30 0:53, published 2007/10/30 0:53 | 27188 views
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XOOPS Cube Legacy benefits from a very unique and original concept where freedom plays a central role and demonstrates that an healthy open source environment is feasible without a common business model.

This module release is another proof of concept that may convince the hesitant users, developers and designers of the good balance between development and design that exist in a solid base of freedom for innovation and creativity.


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