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XOOPS Cube Legacy Theme Fade White

gigamaster submitted 2009/10/20 10:59, published 2009/10/20 10:59 | 33216 views


XOOPS Cube Legacy version 2.2
Theme design by Nuno Luciano

Ajax jQuery Tools + corner
Preload page images (css based)
Layout right column
Header with active tab selected


  • Home
  • About
  • News
  • Download
  • Support

Top block slide (jQuery Tools)
Center block and Module content
Two center-blocks at bottom
Custom modules templates
Custom form fields

Color schema:
+ white


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Re: XOOPS Cube Legacy Theme Fade White 
beduino posted 2009/11/10 23:19

Hello Gigamaster,

First of all : thank you for this great work!

A little question: how the links in block's menus appears listed? I try in one install and the links in menus appears side by side, not in a list...

Thanks in advance


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