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MCLlibs is a must-have to manage Admin Themes

gigamaster submitted 2008/6/21 19:55, published 2008/6/21 19:55 | 22448 views
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In time to test more than one Admin Theme, Wanikoo released a very useful Admin Theme Preload. Later, Marijuana released a very nice Admin Theme module.

I like to keep this memory alive because it is representative of Team Spirit and synergy of XOOPS Cube community.

Enjoy customizing and testing new themes!

XOOPS Cube Legacy for creative freedom

MCLlibs is a must-have to test the Admin Themes that we customize and share.

Donwload MCLlibs 0.31

Wiki page of MCLlibs

Download Admin theme 214


Unzip and copy folder "mclibs" to your modules


Install the module from XOOPS Cube administration

Install Admin Themes

Unzip and copy Admin Theme 214 to Mclibs theme folder


Select your Admin Theme from the admin block

Have Fun

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